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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in AURA, a luminous experience in the heart of the Basilica. We hope that you find the answers to your questions on the list below. If not, send us an email at

Where can I purchase my ticket?

You can purchase your ticket via TicketPro or at the Basilica box office, dependent on availability.

How much do tickets cost?

The cost of an adult ticket is $28 + service charges. Certain clients are eligible for discounted prices. Visit our Prices page for details.

Should I buy my ticket in advance?

Buying your ticket in advance will allow you to schedule your visit on the date and time most convenient for you. However, it is possible to buy your ticket on site at the Basilica box office, dependent on availability.

Is there assigned seating for the seated portion of the show?

The seated portion of the show functions on a general admission basis. There will be no assigned seating.

What’s the show’s schedule?

The schedule varies according to season. For details and to schedule a visit on the date most convenient for you, visit our TicketPro page.

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How long does each visit run?

Each visit runs approximately 40 minutes. The show is divided in two parts: spectators can expect a thematic tour followed by a multimedia experience.

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What’s the audience capacity for each performance?

The Basilica can accommodate 690 spectators per performance.

Will the event be accessible to individuals with reduced mobility?

Yes, the Notre-Dame Basilica is accessible to individuals with reduced mobility. It is advised to plan your route on public transit or verify nearby accessible parking spaces in advance. The performance site includes spaces reserved specifically for spectators with reduced mobility.

Can children and seniors participate in the experience?

Yes, the AURA experience is suitable for all audiences, including children. However, if you plan on bringing very young children, please be advised that some visual and audio effects can be impressive to them. We suggest covering their ears with headphones or ear muffs. Some of the visual effects included in this show, including lasers, are not recommended for babies.

Can I attend AURA if I’m epileptic?

We’d like to warn those with photosensitivity that the AURA experience features flashing lights for a stretch of a few seconds.

Can I take photos during the show?

No, you cannot take photos or videos during the show. Photography is forbidden in the patrimonial building in order to properly preserve the Basilica’s many precious works. This important rule will also help you live the AURA experience to its fullest.

Can I find AURA on Facebook?

Is it possible to tour the Basilica before or after the show?

As the show takes place in the evening, it won’t be possible to tour the Basilica once the performance is over. It is possible, however, to visit the Basilica during its regular daytime opening hours and return for AURA in the evening.

Does my AURA ticket allow me to tour the Basilica?

No, your AURA ticket only allows you access to the show.

Can I exchange my ticket or get a refund?

No, tickets for AURA are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Are visitors allowed to consume food or drink in the Basilica?

No, it’s forbidden to eat or drink while inside the Basilica.

The AURA experience

AURA is an immersive experience in which light unveils the Notre-Dame Basilica’s rich heritage and invites us to celebrate its beauty. Discover the Basilica to the soundtrack of an orchestral work specifically composed to accompany this journey, and allow yourself be transported to Moment Factory’s unique visual universe for a captivating voyage you’ll never forget.

AURA allows visitors, tourists and Montrealers to discover the Basilica’s patrimonial richness in a new and exciting way.

The experience takes place in two parts:

An illuminated journey through the Basilica followed by a luminous experience hosted in the heart of the building.

AURA begins with a pathway of lights, illuminating the Basilica in all its splendour. A progressive immersion into a sonically and visually captivating universe guides visitors to the heart of the heart of Notre-Dame.

Then, light, orchestral music and grandiose architecture combine to create a unique multimedia spectacle that unfolds in three acts.

Allow yourself to be transported by AURA and discover an unexpected, stunning universe presented upon one of the most sublime canvases imaginable: the Notre-Dame Basilica.

Why is the show called AURA?

The show encapsulates the AURA of the Basilica. The name represents the use of light to showcase the Basilica and all that it signifies.

Who composed the AURA soundtrack?

Marc Bell and Gabriel Thibaudeau for TroubleMakers. The soundtrack features an original orchestral composition, performed by 32 musicians, 20 choirs and the Basilica’s organ.

Does the AURA experience focus on religious themes?

The AURA experience does not focus on religious themes. The spectacle’s mission is to encourage spectators to discover or re-discover the beauty and richness of the Basilica’s many patrimonial and culturally significant works.

AURA by the numbers

Over 100 people have contributed to the project

Development on the project began in 2016, active production took place from August 2016 to March 2017