The experience unfolds over two parts

Illuminated Stations

Before the show, we invite you to explore the Basilica and discover a series of illuminated stations that highlight its architectural details and artworks. The stations encourage you to take the time to connect with the historic site.

Each spectator has approximately 40 minutes or less to enjoy this discovery.


You are then invited to take a seat on the Basilica's pews to take part in an immersive, multisensory performance. Appearing across the Basilica’s altarpiece, walls, and vaulted ceiling, the presentation is breathtaking from all viewpoints, no matter where you are seated.

The performance transports you on a voyage to discover the heritage of the Basilica and the wonders it holds. Guided by an enchanting energy, you travel from the heart of the Basilica into the depths of its beauty. 

The immersive multimedia experience, without the exploration of the stations, is 23 minutes long.

Catch a glimpse of the show